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phoca thumb m Geology Walk St Cleer-002Getting the word out and involving the people who live and work in the Caradon Hill area in their heritage is what this project is all about. This is being achieved by a combination of tried and tested methods and new technologies that will enable even more people to take part.

All of this is intended to deliver information not only to people who live and learn here, but also to those who wish to visit or who are interested, but cannot visit the area.

Examples of activities include:

  • A community play telling the tale of the copper mining boom and bust
  • An annual celebration of local history and arts
  • A series of walks and talks
  • Audio and video interpretation encouraging people to study their patch
  • Adult education and local schools schemes to help them appreciate and use the resources on their doorstep
  • Skills development for volunteer
  • This website and electronic interpretation.

Features of the Caradon Hill area

It is the local communities, who have been involved from the outset, and the groups they have formed that are driving the educational programme. A great example of the possibilities of this project is the community play, Gonamena, which has generated such an extent of interest that at least three other projects based on this model are being worked up in the area.

Caradon Heritage Apps for Smart Phones and Tablets, plus links to the videos contained within them

The electronic interpretation downloads will be among the first of their kind to be used in a genuinely unbounded outdoor location and this website will provide crucial support material, developing as the project progresses.

The CHAHP Apps for SMART phones and Tablets are freely available for both Android and Apple devices. Just go to the appropriate App store for your device and search for CHAHP (it will be in the Educational section).

Alternatively you can link straight to the You Tube Videos contained in the Apps by selecting from the topics below:

For Minions: click here

For The Hurlers click here

For Liskeard & Moorswater click here

For The Caradon Trail click here (for the printed guide click here and click here)

For Golitha National Nature Reserve click here

For Access to all of the Caradon Heritage Videos click here

Need to know

  • CHAHP's core aim is to enable those who live & work here to appreciate their area
  • A wide range of educational tools are being used to help achieve this core aim
  • The educational programme encompasses all aspects of the community

The Project

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