Land Management & Access

phoca thumb m els workshop march 2011-002CHAHP works closely with farmers, landowners and commoners, helping with environmental grants, management plans and access improvements. It’s important that work carried out to improve access to the landscape and special sites is sustainable, so a key part of the work in this area involves education and awareness. Maintaining and upgrading existing and historical paths and tracks is taking place alongside potential for new trails, such as the creation of part of the long distance cycle route, The Caradon Trail. 

New Access to Special Sites

Assessing which historic sites would be suitable for improved access and putting in place long-term plans to manage this access. Helping to restore the connections between communities and heritage.

Improving Access

Upgrading paths, tracks and car parking areas. Surfaces and features of historic tracks will be maintained using traditional skills.

Land Management Capital Works

A competitive grants scheme which supports small-scale projects that bring landscape, wildlife and historic environment benefits to the project area. Applications decided by a Grants Panel from the Project Partnership Group (PPG).

The Caradon Trail

Working with councils, volunteers and sites along the route to create and publicise part of a long-distance cycle route through the project area.

Whole Farm Management Farms

Providing long-term, wide-ranging guidance to land managers and helping with applications for funding to carry out the necessary work.

The Project

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