Mining Heritage

phoca thumb m Engine Houses-006Caradon Hill is one of ten areas in the region that make up the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site, recognising the mining sites and structures as of international importance. One of the key priorities highlighted by the public during the early consultation stages of CHAHP was to conserve the area’s mining heritage and improve access to it, so that’s an important element of all of the work CHAHP is supporting, alongside the structural consolidation of these impressive mine complexes.

West Caradon and Craddock Moor

Work to conserve and improve access to the huge range of structures at these sites including chimneys, pumping engine house remains, boiler houses and shafts.

New Phoenix and West Phoenix Mines

Conservation of New Phoenix engine house, a very prominent landscape feature near Minions, and associated buildings.

South Caradon Mine

Improving access within the site so it’s easier and safer to explore. Working with relevant organisations to conserve the highest priority structures of this, the best-preserved copper mine head complex in the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site.

The Project

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