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phoca thumb m els workshop march 2011-001CHAHP focuses on five themed programmes, with local people getting involved to address the issues and make the most of opportunities relating to their area’s heritage. This section gives an overview of the five themes and offers guidelines in The Caradon Hill Code for people to enjoy the area.

Find out more about the aims and objectives of CHAHP as a whole, and the five programmes, in the Library section or visit the Community section to discover more about the projects that are already happening and who's involved. 

Natural Environment

The rural areas and open moorland may look wild and untouched, but the natural habitats of the Caradon Hill area have long been influenced by the people who’ve lived and worked here. There is evidence of settlement since the Bronze Age and farms and agriculture have long had an impact on the natural environment.


Historic Environment

People have been shaping the landscape around Caradon Hill as far back as the Neolithic period some 6,000 years ago. Its tors were linked with stones to create living and sacred enclosures and its rocks were used to make monuments for burying and remembering the dead. Mining has left an indelible mark on the area, shaping its landscape and history.


Mining Heritage

The mining heritage of this area is internationally important and is designated as part of the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site. Perhaps the most obvious markers of mining heritage in the landscape are the granite engine houses, built to house the pumping engines and machinery that enabled deep working during the 19th-century copper and tin boom.


Land Management & Access

Land management and access work in the Caradon Hill area is focused on brokering a better understanding between the existing users of the moor and the graziers. The aim is not to try to increase footfall, but to help with education so that damage is reduced and best management practices for long-term sustainability are encouraged.


Education, Interpretation & Training

Getting the word out and involving the people who live and work in the Caradon Hill area in their heritage is what this project is all about. This is being achieved by a combination of tried and tested methods and new technologies that will enable even more people to take part.


The Project

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